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DF Markets
Professional Account

for the experienced trader

Check if you qualify for professional status.

Professional Account Features

Leverage of up to 200:1 (0.50% margin) on some instruments

Margin close-out rule

Safety of Funds - FCA Client Money Rules apply

Best Execution Policy

No Negative Balance Protection

Who can qualify as a professional client?

Applicants must meet at least two of the three criteria below in order to qualify for re-categorisation as a professional client. We will expect that you have the necessary knowledge and experience in trading leveraged products and are well aware of the risks associated with this activity.

Here is what each of these three criteria includes in more detail:

Trade Volume

Over the previous 4 quarters, you have carried out an average of 10 trades per quarter, of a significant size.

Portfolio size

The value of your investment portfolio, defined as including financial instruments and cash deposits, exceeds a total value of over €500,000.

Professional experience

You work or have worked in the financial sector for at least one year in a professional position that requires knowledge of the relevant transactions or services.

Margin Requirements for Professional Clients

The leveraged rates of some of our most popular markets that apply to professional clients are, as follows:

Major FX pairs 0,5% (200:1)
Gold 1% (100:1)
Major Indices 1% (100:1)
Cryptocurrencies 25% (4:1)

DF Trader™ Platform Benefits

Make the most of your trading with our proprietary DF Trader™ platform featuring an intuitive interface, easy to read P/L charts, in depth trading statistics, a wide variety of technical indicators and order types.

Percentаge of limits executed at a better than requested price*

Percentage of stops executed at a less favourable price*

*In the period March 5, 2018 - March 5, 2019.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is included in my financial investment portfolio as criteria?
A: In order to meet the criteria for the value of your investment portfolio we would require information regarding::
  • Cash;
  • Trading accounts;
  • Mutual funds;
  • Self-investment pension portfolios;
  • Debt instruments;

The total value of these assets will need to exceed a total value of € 500,000.

Please note that your portfolio cannot include:
  • Property-related assets;
  • Non-tradable assets;
  • Company pensions;
Q: What protections will I waive upon becoming a professional client?
A: Please note that upon becoming a professional client, you will no longer be able to take advantage of the negative balance protection rule. We may use more sophisticated language in our communications to you, as your professional status will imply that you have a better understanding and knowledge of leveraged trading.

While DF Markets is required to restrict leverage to between 30:1 and 2:1 for retail client products, no such restrictions are in place for professional clients. Please remember when using leverage, both profits and losses can be magnified.

DF Markets will not be required to provide you with the current risk warnings or any other future warnings in relation to transactions involving complex financial products.

Q: How are my funds protected as a Professional client of DF Markets?
A: DF Markets holds the funds of each individual account holder in segregated Client Money bank accounts in the UK and does not use them for other purposes.
Q: Can I still benefit from best execution when I become a professional client?
A: We will not change the way in which we execute your orders, meaning that you can still benefit from limit price Improvements and best execution on all your trades.
Q: I have already met the professional criteria while trading through another broker. How do I apply with DF Markets?
A: You can open an account even if it’s your first time using our platform as long as you meet two of the three criteria listed above. You need to open a Live Account with us first and then you can qualify as a Professional Account holder once we approve your application.
Q: How will I know if my application has been approved?
A: If you meet all criteria, we will confirm the reclassification of your account via an email where we will state that you have been re-categorised as a professional client. Please note that your login credentials and any custom platform settings that you may have applied will remain the same.
Q: What happens if I do not meet the criteria or my application is not approved?
A: You can still take advantage of our exceptional trading conditions for thousands of instruments and platforms by opening a live trading account with DF Markets. Alternatively, you can also open a non-leveraged investing account with no fees, commissions, or interest. Finally, you can send us a new re-categorisation request, but only after you meet the professional client criteria.
Q: I have sent a re-categorisation request, but it was denied. Why?
A: DF Markets has the right to deny re-categorisation requests. To qualify as an Elective Professional Client, you need to meet at least two of the three criteria listed above. We are required under FCA rules to undertake an adequate assessment of your expertise, experience and knowledge that would give us reasonable assurance, in light of the CFD transactions and services, that you are capable of making your own investment decisions and understanding the risks involved.
Q: Can I classify as a professional client from the get-go?
A: Yes, there are certain scenarios where clients are classified as professional immediately after opening an account with us. Examples of such clients include credit institutions, investment intermediaries, insurance companies, pension funds, and others. For further information, please read our Client categorisation rules of DF Markets.

Not eligible for a DF Markets Professional Account? Not an issue — you can still trade over a 1,000 instruments through our intuitive platforms without compromising on order execution and access to our dedicated customer service team. You automatically benefit from negative balance protection on your trading account.

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