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The revolution of currency or a storm in a teacup – the jury is still out. We do not judge, we just give you the tools and the platform to trade some of the most popular cryptocurrencies.

Margin requirement2
Professional Client 25%
Retail Client 50%
Commissions None
Minimum order size 1 CFD = 1 unit
Maximum position size
Multiple of order size 1 unit
Long position FED Overnight Rate plus 23.5% annually
Short position FED Overnight Rate plus 3.5% annually
Trading hours5
Monday-Thursday 00:00-24:00
Friday 00:00-23:00
Key Information Documents (KID)

1 The target spread is the minimum spread DF Markets aspires to quote. Nevertheless, during times of low liquidity and/or high volatility, the company might not be able to maintain the same spread levels it usually quotes. Such market conditions cannot be predicted and can occur at any time of day, and may lead to widening of the spreads for a certain period of time. Please be advised that wider spreads can have a negative effect on your account equity that might lead to insufficiency of funds and closing of your positions.

2 In accordance with Art. 13.16 from the Terms & Conditions, DF Markets is entitled to change the required margin for any certain financial instrument, trade, or client's account. In case of such a change, DF Markets will notify you by sending you an email.

3Overnight interest rate of the Federal Funds Reserve on the refinancing operations: http://www.federalreserve.gov.

4 More on interest rates and dividends can be found here.

5 All times are UK time.

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