Open a £10,000 Demo Account

We no longer accept new spread betting demo registrations.
We are transferring our CFD business to our EU parent company Deltastock AD

The UK will leave the EU without an implementation period on 31 October 2019 – the so-called ‘no-deal scenario’ - unless a deal is approved or a further extension is agreed. That is anticipated to have an adverse impact on our firm’s business as we would lose our MiFID passport to service EU-based clients. Most of our customers come from the EU and we outsource a significant part of the operations in relation to our services to our EU-based parent company, Deltastock AD.

As a result, we will be withdrawing from the UK market, and DF Markets will no longer provide spread betting services. In these circumstances, we would like to offer you the option to open a demo account with our parent company, Deltastock AD, which offers CFD trading on the same proprietary trading platforms and conditions.

If you would like to consider opening a new CFD demo account with Deltastock, please use the link below:


Deltastock AD is a full-scope financial investment firm with more than 20 years’ experience on the market. It is authorised and regulated by Bulgaria’s Financial Supervision Commission and is based in Sofia. Deltastock holds a service passport under the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID) to offer the same CFD trading services via the same online platforms as DF Markets in all EU countries. Deltastock AD has registered under the UK's Temporary Permissions Regime to enable it to continue to provide CFD services to customers in the UK after 31 October 2019, pending further clarification on the position of EU entities with UK customers.

Open a £10,000 Demo Account

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* Profits and losses achieved while trading on the demo platform are virtual and do not in any way guarantee that you will be able to achieve similar actual profits and losses with a live spread betting account. Conditions in simulated spread beting cannot always reflect all market conditions that affect spread beting in a live environment.

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