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Spread Betting on Shares

With DF Markets you can benefit from our excellent trading conditions for placing bets on shares of global companies listed on the European, US, Asian, and Australian stock exchanges.

Go short or go long on shares with a leverage of up to 1:20.

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Target Spread
Minimum bet size
Maximum bet size
Rolling Charges Long position BOE Prime Rate plus 3% annually 1
Short position BOE Prime Rate minus 3% annually 1
Dividend Adjustment2 Long position The net amount is added*.
Short position The gross amount is withheld.
Trading Hours3
Margin Requirement4
1 Repo interest rate of BOE (Bank of England): http://www.bankofengland.co.uk
2 More on interest rates and dividends can be found here.
* Effective 01.03.2017, DF Markets is withholding a 30% tax on dividend-equivalent payments to all clients that haven’t submitted a W8-BEN form. Contact you account manager for additional information.
3 All times are UK Time. Extended Hours Trading for US Shares.
4 The Margin Calendar is available here. In accordance with Art. 14.17 from the Terms & Conditions, DF Markets is entitled to change the required margin for any certain financial instrument, bet, or client's account. In case of such a change, DF Markets will notify you by sending you an email.
5 The Margin requirements for our Spread Betting Products are based on a tiered structure depending on the aggregate size of a position. The majority of positions will be based on our standard margin rates, however larger positions may require greater margin. Our tiered margin structure per Spread Betting product is shown in the table above.