DFTrader SB

DFTrader SB is the flagship version of our platform. Inside you will find the widest choice of powerful tools, a professional charting package, intuitive functionality and more than 1,000 financial markets to unwind your full spread betting potential.

Powerful set of orders

DFTrader SB gives you a better control. Aside from the essential Limit, Stop and OCO (One Cancels the Other), the more advanced Conditional and Logical orders allow you to construct more complex strategies and semi-automate your trading process. You can also use Trailing stops to accumulate profit until the market turns against you.

Advanced charting and trading resources

Make use of the advanced charting package of over 80 indicators to perform your technical analysis with confidence. Inside the platform you will find a comprehensive selection of free market analysis tools accessible directly from the platform: live market news, economic calendar, daily technical analyses, market statistics and more.

Fully customisable and intuitive

We have designed the interface with the trader in mind - easily accessible and intuitive enough for beginners while not compromising the rich functionality that is up to the standards of professionals. Drag-and-drop panels and modules within or outside the platform’s workspace, or pin a price window to stay on top of your desktop to customise the feel and look of the platform.

Extensive range of markets

68 Currency Pairs, Gold, Silver and 1,000+ Shares, Stock Indices, ETFs, Commodity and Financial Futures traded on 20 global exchanges.

Detailed personal trading statistics

The Trading Statistics, Profit/Loss chart and Positions History windows provide various metrics and set of actionable statistics that will help you analyse your spread betting activity and improve your future performance.

Direct contact with a dealer

With a click of a button, our live account holders can start a live chat session with our Dealing Desk and have their questions answered 24/5.

Automatic platform updates

The DFTrader SB platform updates automatically so you do not have to go through the hassle of uninstalling old versions or manually downloading and installing the latest updates.

Your questions answered in your language

DFTrader SB is available in English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Dutch, Russian, Romanian, and Bulgarian.

In a nutshell:

68 Currency Pairs

Gold and Silver

Shares, Stock Indices, ETFs; Energy, Metal, Agricultural and Financial Futures

Plenty of order types

No margin for hedged positions

Advanced charting with over 80 technical indicators

Market news, economic calendar and daily technical analysis

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