DF Trader Web SB

No downloads or software installations required so you can trade from virtually any computer connected to the Internet.

Whether you are a seasoned trader or you are just starting out, here are 7 reasons why you might easily prefer DF Trader Web SB to any other platform.

Speed and flexibility

Imagine losing money not because you’ve made the wrong call, but because the platform is taking too long to execute your trades. Frustrating, at the very least!

Fortunately, you will never experience this with DF Trader Web SB. Our web platform is fast, reliable and works with all major browsers.

Also, it is highly customisable, so you can always adjust the look & feel to your preferences.

Semi-automated trading

With DF Trader Web SB you can place Conditional orders. These are pending orders attached to a confirmed Limit/Stop which becomes active only after the limit/stop has been executed. You can benefit by applying rules to your strategy and essentially semi-automating your trading process.

Logical & Net modes of operation

Our web platform allows you to switch between Net & Logical modes of operation. In Net mode all open positions in the same instrument are combined in one single net position. In Logical mode, however, you will see all positions in the same instrument shown separately. At DF Markets we understand you may be accustomed to one or the other. And we have included both so you can tailor the platform to your convenience.

Advanced charting with over 40 technical indicators

The successful trader constantly analyses the markets, reading charts and performing technical analysis. In DF Trader Web SB we’ve got you covered with our advanced charting module. You have more than 40 technical indicators at your disposal to monitor the market movements and sentiments, examine the trends and thus make better trading decisions.

Detailed statistics of your trading results

DF Trader Web SB includes a special Trading Statistics feature to help you analyse your performance. You will be able to examine how your trading is faring over different time periods, in different markets, where you suffered biggest losses and which instruments were most lucrative for you.

24/5 Professional Customer Service

Have a question? In DF Trader Web SB help via real-time chat is just a click away. Clients are immediately connected with a customer service representative or a dealer. You can always reach out and find us on the phone or via email.

Secure 256-bit encryption access to your account

All your personal information, such as login details and account data, is protected with high-level encryption, making unauthorised access to your account virtually impossible for anyone else but you.

In a nutshell:

Fast, flexible and easily customisable platform

Semi-automated trading with conditional orders

Logical & Net modes of operation

Advanced charting with over 40 technical indicators

Trading Statistics and Sentiments features

Secure 256-bit encryption access to your account

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