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Spread Betting on ETFs

An ETF (Exchange Traded Fund) is a security which tracks an index, commodity, or set of assets as though it were an index, but trades more like a stock on a stock exchange. Placing bets on ETFs gives you the opportunity to access niche markets.

Professional Client Retail Client
Spread variable
Commissions None
Minimum bet size £1 per point
Maximum bet size £None per point
Rolling Charges3
Long position BOE Prime Rate plus 3% annually BOE Prime Rate plus 3% annually BOE Prime Rate + 3%
Short position BOE Prime Rate minus 3% annually BOE Prime Rate minus 3% annually BOE Prime Rate minus 3% annually
Trading hours4
24 hours a day Sunday 22:00 Friday 21:00
Key Information Documents (KID)

1 In accordance with Art. 14.16 from the Terms & Conditions, DF Markets is entitled to change the required margin for any certain financial instrument, trade, or client's account. In case of such a change, DF Markets will notify you by sending you an email.

2 The Margin requirements for our Spread Betting Products are based on a tiered structure depending on the aggregate size of a position in a given instrument. The majority of positions will be based on our standard margin rates, however larger positions may require greater margin. Our tiered margin structure per Spread Betting product is shown in the table above.

3 BOE (Bank of England): http://www.bankofengland.co.uk

3 BOE (Bank of England): http://www.bankofengland.co.uk

3 Sveriges Riksbank: http://www.riksbank.com

4 All times are UK Time. Extended Hours Trading for CFDs on US ETFs.

The closing time for trading the following instruments is 16:25 UK Time: ETF Eastern Europe, ETF EUITALY40, ETF Greece, ETF EUFRANCE40, ETF UK100, and ETF Turkey.

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