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DF Mobile Trader SB

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To start trading, simply install DFMobile on your device from the store.


Take spread betting into your own hands with DF Markets new mobile platform. DF Mobile Trader SB allows you to trade with your DFTrader/DF WebTrader spread betting account on all your mobile devices safely and securely, 24 hours a day.

Our mobile trading software has been specifically designed for the active bettor, focusing on key features like execution, reliable pricing, accessibility and security.

Along with our highly competitive pricing, we provide clients with a wide range of advanced trading tools including:

Fast and accurate real-time charts

Our mobile platform charts update automatically in real time. Historical price data presented in a line or candlestick chart can be viewed in a wide range of time frames, enabling you to identify price trends for future trading opportunities. For greater convenience, open positions are displayed and bets can be placed directly through the charts.

Wide variety of orders

Place bets across a huge range of markets, place stops and limits on your existing positions, create new or cancel existing orders. Place new market, limit, stop and OCO (One Cancels the Other) orders.

All markets in your hand

DF Mobile Trader SB gives you access to the same range of markets as our powerful DFTrader SB desktop platform. This means you can bet on and monitor over 1,100 markets from the palm of your hand.

Access market news

Access our market news, daily technical analyses and economic calendar while on the move, on all your mobile devices.

DFTrader Mobile


DF Mobile Trader works on smart mobile devices (phones and tablets) using HTML5 compatible Internet browsers under operating systems such as:

  • Android 4.1+ - Samsung, HTC, Sony, LG, etc.
  • iOS 8.0+ - Apple iPhone/iPad
  • Windows Phone 8 - Nokia, HTC, Samsung, etc.

Screen resolution - min. 320 X 480

Note: You may experience limited functionality if using some of the more basic phone/tablet models.